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Moving from one house to another is one of the top ten most stressful things in life, so wouldn’t it be great to have help with the whole process. Randi Hutton had that same thought and she created a venture around it. Formerly in charge of acquiring screenplays and films for a large company, Randi had left to work for herself. Turning to real estate so she could have flexibility, the down turn in the market in 2008, led her to expand her services. “I didn’t want all my efforts in one area. I saw how stressful it was for people to move and I wanted to help with that transition.”

Randi’s first step when approached by a client, is a meeting to establish a time line for the move. “My clients have a huge sigh of relief after this meeting. They realize they have a plan and know the timing for each step along the way.” She says there are so many details to figure out in every move, from how many boxes will be needed, to who is packing, to what needs to be sold, stored or given away. “I always recommend purging unneeded items. When a client can get rid of things they don’t need in the new house, it takes a huge weight off of their shoulders. Not only do they gain physical space but also mental and emotional space.” The list of details to manage in a move is endless and Randi’s goal is to make sure everything gets done and alleviate some of the stress.

“I had one client who wanted to go on vacation leaving her old house and come back to her new house with everything unpacked and ready to go.” Randi oversaw the entire process from finding the right mover, to meeting the mover and managing packing, to meeting the mover in the new house and supervising the unpacking. “I create a drawing of each room with the client, determining where all the furniture will go. I help with the kitchen too, getting guidance from the client. Most people know how they want things to be placed in their kitchen depending on their own needs. I also suggest a coffee and tea station with mugs, tea, and coffee equipment all in one place. Convenience is key. ”

Suggesting that clients organize things in the old house by where they will go in the new house is a helpful hint that Randi likes to suggest, “And I can work within any budget. Sometimes just a timeline meeting is all a client will need, others want me to do everything while they are away.” She says the timeline is essential in giving a client peace of mind and a path.

Randi’s family is on board with her venture. Her husband designed the web site and even her 20 year old son is part of the business. The “R” in The RZ Connection comes from Randi and the “Z” is from her son’s name, Zachary. “He likes to be involved and jumps in to help when I need him.”

Organizing and planning a move gives Randi a great sense of satisfaction, “It’s very rewarding to see a house become a home to her clients.”

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