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Sometimes you need more to satisfy all of your creative needs. That’s what lead Ridgley Brode to start her blog, Ridgely’s Radar, after almost twenty years of running Paul Wilmot Communication, a public relations firm she founded with her business partners. While Ridgely manages her office in New York, her husband helps care for their two boys who are 11 and 13.

” I was looking for an outlet to share a recipe, a fabulous dress, or a great book I had read, and a blog seemed like a novel idea. That way when my mom or a girlfriend asks me how to make the dish I had mentioned or the author of a book I had read, I could tell them to go to my blog.” Ridgely says she did some research and talked with other bloggers to get a handle on things like, how to post and what to post. “I didn’t have a business plan, I just started sharing.” With a love of shopping, Ridgely began sharing products she loved as well. “I started in May of 2011 unsure of what my voice would be and if anyone but my mom would follow me.”

But Ridgely built it and they followed. Becoming a self-professed social media junkie, she reached out to potential followers on Facebook and Twitter; she joined Tweet-ups and conversations, and met lots of on-line friends. “My blog helped me understand, not only how to create a blog, but also how a blog could help my PR clients build their brands. It was an educational experience.” Her posts are creative, fun, informative and true to Ridgely’s style and voice.

Ridgely also became an affiliate marketer, so when she blogs about, say… a cheese grater from William Sonoma that she loves, or a favorite book that can be found on Amazon, followers can click through and buy the item. Ridgely gets a small percentage of each sale for helping to promote the products and books. She then places the items in her on-line store so followers can easily access a library of her favorite picks. Searching by category, buyers can see everything Ridgely has curated and click through and shop.
Posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she is hooked. “Whether I write about transitioning your closet or a new wreath for Halloween, I get a real kick out it.” She says it’s especially gratifying when someone tells her that her advice on a book, product or recipe was spot on and enjoyable.

Ridgely says, “I would never have imagined that my spontaneous idea of starting a blog would bring me so much joy and fulfillment.” Her advice to anyone who wants to start a blog, “Start small, have a consistent voice and make sure you have time to nurture your blog. It is addictive.” So is her blog, Ridgely’s Radar.

Contact: [email protected], www.ridgelysradar.com

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