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Are you a VentureMom with a product to sell. Do you provide a service? Do you need a web presence and shopping cart (and want it in 2 days)? VentureMom is here to make your dreams come true.
Apply today to be a part of this select group of VentureMom Brands. 

Once approved we’ll set up a profile and an own online storefront in our VentureMom Marketplace.  No website – no problem. We can have your storefront website up and running in less than 48 hours. No shopping cart – the marketplace acts as your shopping cart too.

And if you already have a web site – this is another form of distribution. Join today to increase your exposure, brand awareness and sales.

Once your storefront is set up, we promote your products and services to our large and growing audience of women and families – 1,000s of followers.   This is done through our blogs posts, social media and weekly ELetters.  We have gotten several VentureMoms their first customers through these channels.  Our followers love to see what we love and want to own and use the cool things we feature.

We also have a large number of VentureMoms who need business help like web design, graphic design, accounting and legal help. Services can sell blocks of time, packages or coupon codes.  If you have this kind of business, you need to be in our Marketplace! Many VentureMoms are looking for you.

This is really cool – our followers can buy your products or services in our marketplace. You’ll get notice of a sale and the information you need to fulfill your order. Payment is made to you at the time of the sale.

Benefits of becoming a VentureMom Vendor

  • Exposure to the VentureMom audience of 1,000s of affluent women
  • Your product or service showcased in your own storefront
  • Option to advertise coupon codes that are linked to your site
  • Participation in VentureMom raffles and contests
  • Invitations to mom business conferences and their goodie bags
  • Marketing and Promotion through VentureMom blog posts
  • Your product or service may be pinned, posted on Facebook, and Tweeted about.

Why sell
on VentureMom?

Our audience is your audience.  Followers and shoppers are women just like you, ages 25 – 75+.  They are looking for the product or service that you offer.  As a VentureMom Vendor your business will be a part of all of the marketing and promotion that our team does for the site and ultimately for you. You may already have a web site and a shopping cart but we are here to help you reach our audience of followers.  We can help you grow your presence, your business and ultimately your profits.

An Immediate Website and Web Presence

No time or money to design and implement a website and shopping cart? You can be up on the web in 48 hours. You’ll have a place to point potential customers. You’ll have a place to send buyers. You’ll have a site to tell your service customers about. You’ll have a place to make money with your venture. You’ll be a VentureMom Vendor.

Tell everyone about the VentureMom Marketplace.

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and tell your followers and everyone on your email lists.  If you offer a special or bonus or discount, or introduce a new product,  send us the info and we can feature your news to our audience, driving more shoppers your way. Email anytime with questions: info@venturemom.com.

Apply to become a part of our VentureMom Marketplace. 

Venture on!!!!