Meet Holly Hurd

Holly’s journey into entrepreneurship began at 25. She gained fame on Wall Street for managing her fund, earning recognition in Futures Magazine, USA Today, and Fortune’s “People to Watch” column. This entrepreneurial spirit, along with her expertise, defined her career and led to remarkable achievements.

Holly is more than an entrepreneur; she’s a visionary who created a platform for aspiring women business owners. She understands their challenges, especially in the early stages, having experienced the thrill of closing the first deal, the struggles of keeping a business afloat, and the joy of success. Holly embodies these experiences, offering guidance and inspiration.

Today, Holly inspires women entrepreneurs worldwide, embodying the spirit and tenacity needed to turn visions into successful ventures. She’s a sought-after expert, sharing her wisdom through speaking engagements, publications, and media. Her book, “Venture Mom: From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks,” guides women in nurturing ideas, naming and branding their ventures, and marketing them.

Holly's Vision for VentureMom

"Starting a business can be akin to nurturing a newborn – it demands patience, care, and above all, unwavering passion. VentureMom is the embodiment of this ideology, providing a platform where women's business ambitions are validated, celebrated, and grown."

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