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“Yes, you can do this in 12 weeks and the book shows
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Venture Mom: From Idea to
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Lindsay Hayes Hurty – Trellis

Lindsay Hayes Hurty – Trellis

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Follow VentureMom on Instagram – She’s Sharing Videos

Follow VentureMom on Instagram – She’s Sharing Videos

I have to tell you how much fun I'm having visiting VentureMoms. I've been on the road checking in with what's new with past VentureMoms and taking short videos to bring you up to date. I'm also sharing news via video on future VentureMoms. And I'm sharing some cool products that I find in my travels. So find me on Instagram Venture_Mom and start following me today. Check out this video and go to my YouTube Channel for more.

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Photo Triage – Susan Morrow

Photo Triage – Susan Morrow

We all have tons of photos in all kinds of places. Susan Morrow can help you organize and back up everything so you can enjoy the stories your photos tell.

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Teaching English for 8 years lead this VentureMom to her new venture. When she was a little girl, Lindsay Hayes Hurty played school. She loved school supplies, and crayons were her favorite thing. A few weeks before the birth of her first child, she realized......

What brought this VentureMom back from Spain and into her own venture. Kate Lynch began her career working for internet startups in NYC during the dot com era. But when asked to take a job in production in Spain assisting with translation, she jumped at......