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Featured VentureMom – Tara Fitzpatrick – Twig Pants

Featured VentureMom – Tara Fitzpatrick – Twig Pants

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A Gift for You! 10% off at FacesBeautiful.com

A Gift for You! 10% off at FacesBeautiful.com

A Gift to Our Followers! 10% Off at FacesBeautiful.com Use the VentureMom Coupon Code VMOM when you shop at FacesBeautiful.com and receive 10% of your entire order until January 6th. Merry Merry and Happy Happy!!!!

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Give Yourself the Gift of Memory Organizing

Give Yourself the Gift of Memory Organizing

Memory Organizing (4 Hours) Preserve and celebrate your precious images! Services include actual and virtual photo organizing and online photo book development, as well as creating unique and fun ways to store and display your children’s schoolwork and artwork. Visit the VM Marketplace now to purchase. https://venturemom.com/product/memory-organizing-4-hours/

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She was a model first and then an executive producer in Hollywood. Tara Fitzpatrick lived a glamourous life, with a wardrobe of designer clothes. She spent her time traveling the world, dining at exclusive restaurants and schmoozing with Hollywood associates most nights. Then everything changed,......

It was her son’s skin condition that lead her to a new business venture. When Yvonne Oxley’s son was in his 20s he developed eczema and the commercial soaps in the marketplace only worsened his condition. The doctor prescribed a steroidal cream and this bothered......