Mindy Kannon – Nutrition Coach and Natural Foods Personal Chef

Mindy has always loved food and what it could do to change a person’s life, so she made a gutsy call to change her life.  Having digestive issues and wanting to lose weight, she was hearing from so many of her friends that they were having the same problems – Mindy had an idea.

Mindy became a nutritional coach by going back to school.  Realizing, “Life is a long time and if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing”  Mindy finished the sentence, “sitting in an office hour after hour was not for me.  I love helping people and I wanted to be out there working with clients.”

Now she is and she’s a dynamo.  Just talking with her I wanted to run to the local farmer’s market and buy a basket full of kale.  Mindy is very upfront about interesting digestive issues and weight loss.  Many of her clients are women approaching mid life who now are facing issues that warrant the taking of medications.  Obviously she’s not a doctor, but her goal is to show her clients how to work through those issues, naturally, with the food they eat.

And she is hands on.  “I’ll go to the grocery with a client and show them what to buy; I’m on call 24/7 if a client is having a food crisis; I’ll come to your house and cook with you.”  With lots of suggestions on how food can help, Mindy is more than a nutrition coach, she becomes your food therapist. She also offers personal chef services, cooking parties, and health and wellness seminars.  Mindy owns this space and is there to take her clients on a new journey with food.

Teens are a specialty as well; moms know how hard it can be to get kids to eat healthy food.  Mindy will come to your house and cook with your teen. She believes, 2If you get your children involved in preparing healthy food they are more likely to enjoy the food that is good for them.”  With two sons of her own who are now grown, Mindy is loving her new venture.

Showcasing her expertise at expos and health fairs, attendees are drawn to her high energy and gorgeous displays of organic, local fruits and vegetables. She’s even offering cooking classes for women’s groups and is expanding to offer couples cooking classes.  “My husband really loves to cook too and I’m roping him into the food fun.”

With biweekly newsletters that focus on healthy digestion, wellness and weight-loss, Mindy stays in touch with her growing audience with information, recipes, tips and suggestions. Going all in with her new venture, she says, “I would do it all again because, for me it’s the thrill of the challenge.  Can I go from standing still to moving forward?”  This mom is moving forward and inspiring others through food.

Contact:  [email protected]

VentureMom Tip

Don’t be afraid to change your life for something you are passionate about.

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