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Carol Romanoff – Art Consultant

Her entire career was spent in translating what she saw in the world of color and pattern to everyday uses. So when Carol Romanoff saw an opportunity to translate trends through art, she took a chance. With an education in Functional Clothing Design, she was trained to create clothing for specific needs in various fields of work including steel workers and hockey players. Translating her ability for creating functionality, she was the first woman hired at Burlington Menswear in textile design. Her mission was to take the trends seen in the current fashion and incorporate it into her company’s current menswear line. “If a color became a big trend one year, my job would be to add that color in the textiles I created. I spent a lot of time following fashion forecasting reports.”

{Xanda McCagg, Tete-a-Tete, 48″x48″}
With young children, Carol worked on a freelance basis. Once the kids were launched, she took her education in art, design and fashion and applied her translation skills specifically to interior design. Garnering a job in a home furnishings store, she found herself suggesting artists and organizing showings for specific artists at the store. As a natural outgrowth of home design, recommending artwork became her specialty with the designers that sourced other items in the store. She became the “go-to gal” for art.

Carol brought in artists and photographers. The first artist she showcased at the store, Lot 84, was a photographer of horses. She then found an artist who created sculptures of horses in metal. “It was a successful pairing of the two mediums around one theme. This was when artists began to ask me to help them place their work and I saw an opportunity to develop my own business.

Carol soon realized she could make a living representing artists and placing art with clients. With an ill family member that needed her care, the flexibility of working for herself came at an opportune time. “Many people who enjoy art, don’t know how to source artists and don’t have the time. They appreciate the expertise and validation that I can provide.” Designers consider Carol another resource when art is needed to complete a room.

“Everything, including art is so assessable today, so I work to establish a relationship with each artist that I represent.” Carol receives a percentage of each sale and artists keep their prices the same for all buyers whether Carol places a piece or not. Using social media and studio showings, Carol reaches out to individuals, designers, and architects but most clients come through word of mouth. “Artists are so passionate about what they are creating that they usually don’t have time to market their work; that’s where I come in. For me it’s about sourcing what clients find enjoyable and relatable.”

{Andrea Bonfil, Mates}

And she doesn’t just work for individuals. Carol has seen where art becomes part of the fabric in a company’s culture and she works to help businesses, like individuals, find the appropriate works. She believes, “Art selection can reflect a company’s brand. Art in a workspace can positively affect both employees and visitors, creating a thought provoking and welcoming experience.” Carol encourages her clients to trust themselves and choose what speaks to them. Focusing mostly on abstracts and fine art photography, her edge is in finding art that will work in any space, be attractive to people of various tastes, and address all budgets.

{Andrea Bonfils, White Marking}

Her kids, now both in their 20s, are very helpful. “My daughter is my tech advisor helping me set up my web site and my son helps me with the business side of things.” Carol says the best part about her venture is the relationships she has with so many interesting women – whether the artists, the designers or the clients. “I really enjoy what I do and the people I interact with and that makes all the difference in my level of success.”

Contact: [email protected] , , 914.589.8713
Carol is also a contributing writer to the digital magazine The Roger,

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