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Sara Peluso – Simplify by Sara

After managing skyscrapers in New York City for ten years, she turned to managing her home. Sara …. had been a commercial property manager so she knew how to stay organized. But when her son was born, she needed to be home. Turning her attention to getting her surroundings in order became her mission. Sara prides herself on being able to fit anything into any closet. “My niche is recycling and repurposing things – I’m very green.”

{BEFORE}Friends and family were amazed and asked Sara to help them and then they went one step further and told her she needed to charge for her simplifying skills. She was the one who could come into someone’s mudroom and leave it pristine and with a process for living that kept it pristine. Realizing that she wouldn’t be able to go back to a full time job, she took her friends’ advice and started her venture. Calling it Simplify by Sara, because that was what she did. {AFTER}

“I wanted my new venture to be very Zen and I got a rush from organizing and simplifying other people’s lives,” says Sara. Not using the organizers and boxes that had to be purchased at the usual container stores, Sara’s gift was in using things a client already had around the house. For example, she might take small bowls to use for office supplies, or wine crates for various tools. So not only was she saving her clients money, she was reusing things that were cluttering up their lives.

Usually working on one project a week that takes 3 – 8 hours, and getting paid by the hour, Sara finds that’s enough of a time commitment with her mom duties. But the satisfaction that this extra income provides is huge. “I don’t have a partner, that way I can make my own schedule, and most of my clients are moms who want me to come when their kids are in school too.” Her friends beg her to come and “Sara” their homes, making her name a verb – you know when she’s been there.

Her motto is to get rid of what you don’t need and organize what’s left. Sara says, “Since 2008, people are really more conscious about what they have in their lives and want to simplify everything, and I’m here to help them do that.” She also feels so many people are downsizing and need to fit their things into smaller spaces. Her gift is the correct placement of furniture and coming up with creative storage ideas. “I’m not trained and don’t belong to any organization but rather it’s a natural gift that I really enjoy.”

One woman was so overwhelmed by her unorganized kitchen that she called Sara in tears. She just couldn’t face the mess and had closed the door to the pantry months earlier. Sara spent several days and helped her get her kitchen and ultimately her life in order. Sara’s now sharing her tips on a blog so everyone can see her magic. “I’m so happy where I am right now with the commitments I have and the ability to make my own schedule. It’s so simple but so empowering.” Her dream is to one day have a consignment store consisting of all the extra stuff people don’t need, “One person’s trash is another’s treasure.” Who knows, perhaps a Simplify by Sara store front is in her future.

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You can take the simplest thing that you do in your life now and create a viable venture to make extra income.

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