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Twenty four hours after her baby was born, she started to write about the experiences she was having with her newborn son. Jennifer Covello had been writing since she was a child, keeping journals and drafting stories, so journaling about the life of her child came naturally. Her career in the corporate world always centered around writing, when she worked in the information technology department of a large firm.

But somehow the birth of her first child sent her back to her creative side, “I wanted my child to see his life through my eyes.” Crafting a keepsake that combined a traditional baby book and a journal – Jennifer found herself enthralled with things that happened, good and bad, in the life of her child. When her 2nd child was born three and a half years later she started a journal for her as well. “I kept thinking as I was writing, how cool it will be to give this to my children when they are older.”

In addition to the traditional milestones like walking and talking, Jennifer wrote about late nights with no sleep, and first times to the playground, or who the best friends were at daycare. Jennifer decided she wanted to share her journaling ideas and put together the framework to help other mothers, fathers and even grandparents record this amazing life story for their children.

Jennifer’s “My Life” baby journal gives the writer the opportunity to become their child’s own biographer and create a personalized memory book. The framework includes messages to prompt the writer in each section so they are never at a loss for words. There’s also room for input from other special people in the child’s life, like friends and relatives.

With other products in the works, Jennifer needed a name for her company. When her young son, Christopher couldn’t pronounce his name correctly, he called himself “Fritta” and Covello became “Bello” hence, “Frittabello” became the name of her company, after the made-up name her son called himself.

Sharing her journaling idea with other mothers, the response she heard the most was – “I’m not a writer, I can’t journal, I don’t have time.” Jennifer says, “They mistakenly think that it takes hours to do and get stuck when faced with a blank page.” In the summer of 2011, she put on her first journaling workshop called “Put Your Love on Paper.” Attendees loved the guidance that Jennifer provided and appreciated a blueprint to get started. “One mother told me she gave the journal to her recent college graduate who after reading it gave it back and asked her mother to continue until she was 25.”

The workshop offers fun exercises that give moms the motivation and tools to start and finish their keepsake. Now, she even offers a tele-seminar, “Journal in Your Jammies.” What a great idea for moms who may be stuck at home with napping babies. Jennifer has done the marketing for her journal and workshops herself, garnering clients from word of mouth. “I feel like I’m giving these moms and kids a gift that they can share and enjoy.”

And she’s not stopping there; she has started a blog called, “Parenting for Purpose.” Jennifer believes that at the end our lives the accomplishment that we’ll be the most proud of, is raising happy, healthy, loving children. To that end, she says, “My blog helps me and other parents stay focused, present and doing the best we can.”

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