Wendy Sloane – Radio Mom

Wendy Sloane – Radio Mom

It’s amazing how a casual dinner with friends old and new can change the course of your life.  That’s what happened to Wendy Sloane when she met someone who owned two local radio stations.  Thinking to herself, this could be an opportunity to go back in the entertainment business and still be a stay at home mom and take care of my kids, Wendy was not afraid to ask that night, “I need my own show.” She kept pursuing the possibility and that’s how “What’s Up with Wendy” was born.

With two kids ages 8 and 9 and recently divorced, Wendy knew she needed a new business enterprise.  Her background is in producing television shows.  She began her career warming up the audiences for the Phil Donahue show in the early 1990s and was quickly hired as a producer for the Geraldo Rivero show.  Her big break came when Wendy produced the first Jon-benet Ramsey story on the Rivero show which lead to over a year of following and producing that story. She also covered what was then known as the Trial of the Century“ the OJ Simpson case.  But her real passion was producing the weekly Celebrity News for the daytime show.  This lead Wendy to a job in radio as the Executive/on-air producer for BIG 105 with Danny Bonaduce. We all remember the Partridge Family cut-up, a great match for Wendy.

After taking more than ten years off from her career to get married and have children, and when the kids started elementary school, Wendy felt it was time for a new endeavor.  Thinking that a return to television would be too many hours and might require a commute to the city, a local venue was needed.  Wendy says, “Radio, now that was one job I felt I could go back to.”  Wendy felt she needed a way to use her past experience to move her into a new venture.The radio station believed in Wendy and they were willing to work around her schedule as a single mom.  Wendy feels she is giving her kids the message that mom is strong and accomplished and she feels secure in having something to call her own.

That opportunity came up when she met her life changer at dinner. Wendy thrives on seeking out the scoop on big celebrity stories and is in her element interviewing some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.  She has found a way to translate this to the local community in Fairfield County, CT.  Wendy has become the go-to girl for up to the minute info for celebrity news and entertainment updates.  Each week the show features a celebrity interview, local events and happenings, and all the hot Hollywood news from celebrity reporters.  With her passion, she is headed towards becoming a household name in entertaining radio.

Who knew a dinner could lead to a radio venture. You can hear Wendy live every Thursday from 11:06 – noon on 1490 WGCH.

Contact: [email protected]

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