From – Find Your Happy Place as an Entrepreneur – by Holly Hurd

When I ask an entrepreneur how they feel about the fact they’ve created an income producing venture out of thin air, the responses are similar but they all have the same theme – they’re really happy. Through my blog VentureMom, I’ve had the privilege to interview and profile over 300 female entrepreneurs who’ve started their own business venture.
Here are some of their feelings.“It’s really empowering to run your own business. The biggest gift is to be my own boss.” Ashley Cooke – Everything Home and Family“It was great being close by for my family and to have that flexibility. I wouldn’t change a thing about my path.” Susan Hess – Golftini“It’s so great that I’m not sitting behind a desk all day and that I’ve built my own business. I love the creative aspect of coming up with new treat recipes.” Carrie Altman – Zoe’s Doggie Delights
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