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Kelly Daniel – Modern Day Auction and Estate Sales

Kelly Daniel always loved tag sales, antiques and searching for treasures. “I’m always scouring estate sales to find things for my own home.” Her first business began when a friend she knew heard that she was “tag sale savvy” and asked Kelly  to help her sell her

things on EBay. But their friend had so much stuff Kelly decided to hold a sale for her. It was so much fun that she and a friend started an estate sale business.

But after several years, when her partner decided it was time to hang up her tag sale apron, Kelly wanted to continue. She felt she needed to be more current and take things to the web. She renamed the company, Modern Day Auction and Estate Sales. “I wanted a more up to date concept than the traditional estate sales. Taking estate items online made perfect sense.”

Kelly worked with a team to create an online auction site where clients can bid on things from anywhere. Once they win the bid, they are given information to pick up their treasures. “Not everyone wants to hold a sale at their home. An online auction site allows sellers to sell things on line.” Next new thing, the new company plans to add shipping.
Kelly is also and EMT for the New Canaan emergency crew. “Being an EMT is my reprieve from my work.” Clearing out estates can be taxing.

Kelly is well versed in what things should sell for, everything from a post-modern dining room set to an antique bureau. “We’ll sell anything, art, furniture, jewelry, even automobiles.” She’s still managing estate sales at client’s homes but says, “I’ve been wanting to get into the online auction world for a while.” She plans to expand beyond Fairfield and Westchester countries, and with an online business, she can.

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