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What Would VentureMom Wear on the Fourth of July?

What Would VentureMom Wear on the Fourth of July? Looking for some inspiration on what to wear to your fourth of July party? Well look no further VentureMom has you covered! Whether you are wanting to wear red, white, or blue to support your country we have some inspiration for

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Michelle May – Michelle May New York

For years Michelle was the business manager for Cindy Crawford (yes, the model) but how did that experience help her start her own jewelry and accessories line years later. “Well I feel I have always had a very esthetic eye in general”. My time with Cindy further supported my eye

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Arti Loftus and Ashmita Joshi – Arti and Ashmita

How did these two women who met through work, end up starting a business together? Arti Loftus who lives in London and Ashmita Joshi who lives in Kathmandu, met each other first on the phone and then in person through work. They both work on social media accounts for a

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Kelly Daniel – Modern Day Auction and Estate Sales

Kelly Daniel always loved tag sales, antiques and searching for treasures. “I’m always scouring estate sales to find things for my own home.” Her first business began when a friend she knew heard that she was “tag sale savvy” and asked Kelly  to help her sell her things on EBay.

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Clare Hare – Clare Hare Darien

A love of fabric led to a line of clothes.  Clare Hare was on maternity leave from her investment banking job when she began to brainstorm with another new mom about a new venture.  They came up with the idea of a line of maternity clothes that consisted of just

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Nothing for Dinner!

I like to cook, really, I do. Actually, no I don’t. Planning meals, shopping for meals, cooking the meals and then scrubbing all the pots that I used to make the meals – not my kind of fun. I can cook if I really wanted to (sort of) but I

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