Brooke Boothe – Monogramming and Design

Monogramming is a tradition in Brooke’s family.  With a grandmother who offered hand sewn monograms on clothing at one time and a mother who has had a monogramming business for 18 years in Westchester, NY, Brooke was destined to learn to sew.  Growing up, she was influenced by these two gifted seamstresses. “I remember summering on Nantucket as a child, and looking forward to the annual rite of spring, making new curtains for our Nantucket home!”

Starting in the design field by combining her love of antiques with design, Brooke used her Old Miss and FIT education to get started. “I opened my first design business, originally focusing on my seamstress skills, making slipcovers, draperies and bedding.” Most designers hire out their sewing needs to a workroom but Brooke ran her own workroom which made sense with her design and sewing prowess.  As her business grew, she hired employees to assist with projects and outsourced her monogramming needs. Her mother kept suggesting that her design clients were the same clients who would use a monogramming service.  And finally in the early 2000s Brooke bit the bullet and bought a state of the art monogramming machine.  That was when Brook’s creativeness really kicked in.

And that’s what gave Brooke her edge.  She feels her unique design of clothing, home goods and totes kept her clientele coming back for fun items with colorful names and emblems.  Initially selling her monogrammed designs mostly at gift venues and trunk shows, in 2008, Brooke realized it was time to have her own store.  As a fourth generation Nantucket summer resident and feeling Nantucket and monogramming go hand in hand, she chose the island resort as her first venue.  With a pocket-book size shop on Union Street, Brooke showcases her colorful goods including beach totes, towels, luggage, aprons, napkins, pillows, hats and even tumblers, all with her unique monogram designs.  Clients can design their own monogram as well, with multiple styles and colors to choose from.  Monogramming services were introduced to her design clients to complement her style, but also to open a window to many fine personalized items available like chair back covers and headboards.

Brooke lives on the Cape with her 6 year old daughter, Lulu, who is named after Brooke’s long time Nantucket friend and cookbook Food to Flowers author Lulu Powers.  Commuting to the island, Brooke says, “It works.  I have a great support system in place.  Lulu has Cape friends during the week and Nantucket friends on the weekends.” Loving managing her own business, Brooke believes there is always a need for custom goods and feels monogramming is a tradition that has been around for generations and will continue to thrive. So what’s next for this monogramming guru?  Brooke is exploring additional shops in New York and Connecticut.  With monogramming always in vogue and Brooke’s unique designs, she should find success wherever she goes.

Contact:, [email protected]

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