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Lori Hubbard – Lori's List

Finding the right contractor for jobs big and small can be a huge chore in and of itself.  Mom, Lori Monte-Hubbard has developed a comprehensive list of contractors to assist homeowners in taking the guess work out of who to use.  Lori’s List is a resource service of people that Lori has interviewed to assure users of their credibility.  The list consists of competent, efficient experts in the home remodeling world.  Lori’s List grew out of her passion for home renovation and improvement. All the people on the list have received her seal of approval, after thorough research and rigorous interviews. Her standards are high.  She expects and demands reliability and competency from everyone on Lori’s List

The search for the right architect, contractor, decorator, plumber, painter, mason, carpenter, or landscaper for your particular job is like making your way through a complex puzzle.  This new business is here to relieve the stress for the homeowner. Lori created her own list through hours of diligence. Lori will make a referral or oversee the entire project.

She recently assisted a couple who moved from New York to Connecticut.  Both spouses work in the city and Lori was there to assist in choosing the contractors and meet them at the house on a daily basis.  The couple needed their new home painted, the floors redone, some electrical work and carpentry, and all in two weeks.  Lori not only got estimates from the providers on her list, assisted the homeowner in making choices, but also managed the job and delivered a finished product within the time deadline.  Real Estate brokers are a great source of work and Lori is making presentations to the local offices to get her name and her list in the hands of people who can send her referrals. She is paid by the contractor a small percentage of the job for providing the contact to homeowners and staying with the job from start to finish.

Leaving a job in the fashion industry and finding her dream house in the suburbs, a diamond in the rough, Lori managed three extensive renovations on her own home.  With two children, one in middle school and one in high school, Lori finds that she has time while her kids are in school to run her new venture.  She wanted something that gave her a sense of accomplishment and she wanted to use her passion for renovating to assist others.
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