Featured VentureMom – Priscilla Tsai co-founder and CEO of Cocokind

Featured VentureMomPriscilla Tsai co-founder and CEO of Cocokind

Priscilla Tsai, co-founder, and CEO of Cocokind, recalls her early 20s when she wouldn’t leave the house without a full face of makeup, a coping mechanism for her severe acne and skin sensitivities. These personal experiences drove Tsai to establish Cocokind, a brand dedicated to offering skincare products crafted from gentle yet effective ingredients, a marked departure from the options available to her during her youth. In a bid to champion transparency in product formulation, Cocokind products prominently feature a Formula Facts panel on their packaging, divulging the precise composition of each bottle. Additionally, the brand has taken strides in promoting sustainability by including a Sustainability Facts panel on its packaging, sharing crucial details about materials, carbon emissions, production information, and more.

One of Cocokind’s latest offerings is the Resurrection Polypeptide Cream, a fragrance-free solution tailored for dry, sensitive skin. The brand touts its versatility, serving as a deep moisturizer during winter or a luxurious night cream for daily use. This cream effectively nourishes and hydrates the skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, according to Cocokind. In a significant development, Cocokind has also recently expanded its reach by offering its products through Ulta, a milestone that Tsai described as “a dream come true” after years of dedicated effort from the team.