Featured VentureMom  – MIA – Mothers in Action

Featured VentureMom  – MIA – Mothers in Action

Mothers in Action – Peru, MIA, creates “luxurious designs for conscious souls.”
America, Hans and Jenifer started  in 2007 with only 12 mothers knitting their products. Now with more than 250 knitters in different communities in the Peruvian Andes, their business has grown.

America Durand made it her mission to get involved and help Andean communities,  specifically widows and single mothers.  As an expert knitter herself, America loves to share the skill shown by the mothers in Peru that she works with. “I am proud to see how this company is changing their lives for the better.”

Hans Valdez, who helps manage MIA,  is trained in ecotourism and fashion. He travels all over his country and many others countries around the world sharing the MIA products. “It has been inspirational to utilize the wonders of my textile heritage in my work.” He finds inspiration for the MIA designs from his travels. 

Jenifer Valdez is a Peruvian mother with 2 kids and has a degree in tourism and management. Her background is in supervising  fair trade companies in the US. Jenifer supervises the MIA production process and its fair-trade. Jenifer says, “I keep a  close relationship with the MIA mothers, suppliers, and providers to maintain harmonic alliances.” 

The majority of the knitters live in close knit communities where women are able to knit for MIA from their homes while looking after their children. Women leaders in each community  are in charge of coordinating with the head office in the highlands. “Our knitters are very skillful  thanks to our ongoing education and knitting workshops.”

“Our customers appreciate pure fibers, understand the value of “handmade,” and are looking for high quality, ecologically-friendly products that do not harm the environment. Our entire production process is based on these values as well as improving the lives of the women who knit for us.” 

What a great story where this team took a skill found in their community and turned it into a business. 

VentureMom Tip

Look around your community and create a business that supports the women there.