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Featured VentureMom – Heather Hasson and Trina Spear – Figs

Featured VentureMom – Heather Hasson and Trina Spear – Figs

Can I solve this problem?

Heather Hasson was having coffee with a friend who was an emergency room nurse on a break. As she looked across the table at her friend, she had an idea. Her pal looked terrible in baggy drab green scrubs. There must be a better alternative. Could she solve this problem?

After endless hours researching the medical apparel business, Heather realized the process and the product could be improved. Many nurses and doctors lose their wedding rings during surgery because there are no pockets. The scrubs are so scratchy that many practitioners suffer from irritated skin. The look of the baggy green scrubs could be better. Heather was on a mission. 

Heather partnered with Trina Spear to not merely improve scrubs, but to completely transform the healthcare experience and empower and celebrate the people doing this important work. They founded FIGS in 2013, named after Heather’s favorite fruit and channeling other successful businesses that were named after a fruit, Apple, Blackberry, and LuluLemon. They cashed in their 401Ks, created a prototype, and placed their first order. Selling out of the trunk of their car during hospital shift changes, their brand gained traction. Offering coffee got the doctors and nurses over to take a look. The scrubs were comfortable, stylish, and functional.

In just 7 years Heather and Trina created a company that generated over $250 million in revenue. And all by asking, “Can I solve this problem?” 

And FIGS gives back in what they call Threads for Threads. “When we started FIGS, we created our Threads for Threads initiative to donate scrubs to healthcare professionals who work in resource-poor countries and lack the proper uniforms to do their jobs safely. By providing clean scrubs to these individuals, we aim to empower them and improve the quality of care they provide.” 

VentureMom Tip

Research the potential of  recreating an existing product.