Featured VentureMom –  Grace Lee, CEO of Birdy Grey

Featured VentureMom –  Grace Lee, CEO of Birdy Grey

Meet Grace, the visionary force behind Birdy Grey, a brand that’s redefining the bridesmaid dress shopping experience. With over a decade immersed in the worlds of fashion and beauty, Grace bid farewell to the corporate realm in 2017 to embark on an extraordinary journey.

Her inspiration for Birdy Grey dawned from a realization: despite a decade passing since her initial foray into the bridesmaid role, the shopping experience remained stagnant. Determined to break the mold, she introduced Birdy Grey’s game-changing $99 bridesmaid dresses.

This disruptive price point coupled with versatile styles struck a chord, resonating instantly with both brides and bridesmaids. Grace’s brainchild became an overnight sensation, challenging industry norms and offering an affordable yet elegant solution for wedding parties.

Behind the scenes, Grace embodies dedication. From bustling meetings to vibrant photo shoots, she’s hands-on, working tirelessly alongside her team. Her commitment extends beyond merely creating dresses; it’s about curating an experience worth celebrating for every Birdy Grey customer.

Grace’s typical day involves diving deep into discussions about new styles and color palettes, hustling to capture the essence of Birdy Grey’s aesthetic. But above all, she thrives amidst the intricacies, ensuring that every facet of your journey with Birdy Grey embodies excellence and joy.

With Grace at the helm, Birdy Grey isn’t just a brand—it’s a celebration of innovation, style, and commitment to crafting an unforgettable experience for brides and bridesmaids alike. 

Minica joined Grace just a year in and serves as Co-founder and President. And they give back. If you donate your dress back, Birdy and Grey will gift it to the Princess Project for teens in need of a prom dress. What could be better than that. 

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Reinvent an old experience into something better. Learn more – https://www.birdygrey.com/