⁠✨Member Monday Highlight ✨ Hygge Home

⁠✨Member Monday Highlight ✨ Hygge Home

Your Trusted Expert in Home Organization

My name is Maria Flynn, and I am passionate about creating simple, organizational solutions for family and friends that help make everyday living easier. As well as adding the finishing touches to stylize and create a cohesive, curated look for your home.

I founded Hygge Home Living because I love bringing more balance to people’s lives, reducing stress, and transforming your space. 

My background is in teaching, so organizing and planning come naturally to me. I believe that hiring a professional organizer can be a life-changing investment in yourself and your family. I also believe that our spaces are integral to our health and happiness – in other words, home-care is a pillar of self-care!

Learn more – https://www.venturemompinkbook.com/listing/hygge-home/