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Featured VentureMom – Dana Donofree Founder and CEO of AnaOno’s

Featured VentureMom – Dana Donofree Founder and CEO of AnaOno’s

Dana Donofree, the founder and CEO of AnaOno, confronted a breast cancer diagnosis in her mid-20s and, in the aftermath of her treatment, grappled with a sense of lost identity. This transformative experience inspired her to craft a collection of what she aptly terms “inclusive lingerie for all chests.” AnaOno’s mission revolves around empowering women who have undergone breast surgery, acknowledging that whether it’s one breast, two, none, or newly reconstructed ones, everyone deserves comfort and support. Donofree emphasized, “Our aim is to embrace and uplift all.”

AnaOno has also formed a meaningful alliance with Pink Warrior Advocates for its Bra Assistance Program. This initiative extends a helping hand by providing up to 25 post-surgery and mastectomy bras each month to individuals in financial need who apply for assistance. Furthermore, the brand operates its Natrelle Inspires Bra program, where the purchase of a Natrelle Inspires Bra triggers a donation of a bra to a breast cancer patient diagnosed within the last 12 months, fostering a circle of support.

Among AnaOno’s offerings is the Rora Pocketed Closure Bra, thoughtfully designed with a front-closure mechanism for ease of wear during post-surgery recovery. This bra incorporates pockets that can accommodate modesty pads, prosthesis, or lightweight breast forms, offering flexibility and comfort. The bra is equipped with convertible, adjustable straps, and is available in a range of colors and sizes, catering to diverse needs from XS to 3XL. AnaOno stands as a beacon of empowerment and support for all women on their unique journeys.

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