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VentureMom is for mom entrepreneurs to start an at home business, to shop for cool products and services created by VentureMoms and to promote your VentureMom business – all here on the VentureMom site.  Are you a VentureMom or do you want to become a VentureMom,?  If so, this site is for you.  And if you like cool products and services, you’re in the right place.

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Featured VentureMom – Claire O’Hare & Susan DiMarco – Livewell Designs

It was a 50th birthday gift that gave her the idea for a business. Claire O’Hare has led strategic development and sales at cutting-edge media companies for twenty-five years, most recently at Facebook.”I left because I felt I had done all I wanted to do and I wanted more time with my children.” Claire has […]

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VentureMom Value – 5% Off of Leigh Deux Bedding

Check out all the colors and styles to make your bedroom or dorm room look amazing. The best seller if the headboard pillow perfect for lounging in bed.  So many choices.   Use the VentureMom Coupon Code VMom to get 5% off of your entire order!!! www.leighdeuxdorm.com

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VentureMom to the Rescue – The 10 Qualities of Exceptional People

Sherrie Campbell give us all something to strive for. Counter to what many believe, accolades are not really what success is about. To be rich is to have money and status, but to be wealthy is to have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness plus financial abundance. Exceptional people are those who seemingly have it all. They have monetary success […]

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