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VentureMom is for mom entrepreneurs to start an at home business, to shop for cool products and services created by VentureMoms and to promote your VentureMom business – all here on the VentureMom site.  Are you a VentureMom or do you want to become a VentureMom,?  If so, this site is for you.  And if you like cool products and services, you’re in the right place.

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Featured VentureMom – Cheryl MacCluskey – Avivi – Update

In her Bikram yoga class, she noticed women putting drops of oil on the edges of their mats and wondered why. Cheryl MacCluskey learned that the women were using essential oils for the calming effects created by the aromas. This sent her on a quest to learn more about these oils and their healing effects. […]

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Yoga Charms Energized for Good Chi Designed for VentureMom

Start Your Year Off with Good Energy  My Christmas present was this Power Piece necklace with four energized charms for abundance and success in the New Year.  I’m all about good karma to start me off in the right direction in 2016. The Power Piece comes with a 40 inch chain that can be set […]

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VentureMom to the Rescue – 5 Personal Habits that will Hurt Your Business

It’s easy to focus on the business itself when you’re considering growth strategies. Our personal lives are connected to our business more then we give it credit. It is easy to act as if everything is separate, but the truth is that each aspect of our lives bleeds into each other. Your business affects you personally, and your […]

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