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What is VentureMom?

VentureMom is for you to find a venture for yourself, to shop for cool products and services created by VentureMoms and to promote your VentureMom business – all here on the VentureMom site.  Are you a VentureMom or do you want to become a VentureMom,? If so, this site is for you.  And if you like cool products and services, you’re in the right place.

Featured VentureMom

Truly Organic Baby Clothing – Cutie Bees – Pooja Songar

Special discount on VentureMom select CutieBees packages. VentureMom loves these two for gifts. For girls    For boys When an engineer is faced with a problem, they work until they find a solution. Pooja Songar works for an IT company but when her newborn developed unexplained rashes she went on a search to find the […]

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VentureMom Book – From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks

Pre Order Your Book Today!!! Millions of mothers are eager to ditch their demanding jobs. But they’re not so eager to give up the income. To solve the dilemma, more and more are striking out on their own as entrepreneurs—and finding the satisfaction and success they’ve longed for. And so can you. Venture Mom makes […]

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What Would VentureMom Wear


What Would VentureMom Wear – Cocktails Pooside

White Maxi Dress, Fedora Earrings, Bangles, Clutch, Tasseled Sandals Salty Chihuahua Cocktail  First posted on Style Your Life

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VentureMom @ Home

VM@Home- Yellow Accents

VentureMom @ Home with Yellow Accents

In a white bathroom, yellow brightens up the space.

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VentureMom Baby and Child

VM Collage - Summer Fun

Summer Fun Products for Kids

When school is out for the summer, mom is left with a bunch of energetic kids running around the house. Kids often get bored during the summer when they have nothing to occupy them during the day. These cool products and accessories for kids will give them plenty to do during the summer months. 1. […]

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VentureMom to the Rescue

VentureMom to the Rescue! – How Motherhood Prepares You for Entrepreneurship

By: Lisa Evans, First posted by Fast Company. I was an entrepreneur before I became a mother, but for many women in my circle, the opposite is true; motherhood has forged the path to entrepreneurship. For some, the challenges of motherhood have been the inspiration behind their companies while for others, the flexibility allowed by […]

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