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What is VentureMom?

VentureMom is for you to find a venture for yourself, to shop for cool products and services created by VentureMoms and to promote your VentureMom business – all here on the VentureMom site.  Are you a VentureMom or do you want to become a VentureMom,? If so, this site is for you.  And if you like cool products and services, you’re in the right place.

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Leigh Goodwyn and Leigh-ann Sprock – LeighDeux

Use the VentureMom Coupon Code VMom to get 5% off of your entire order!!! With a daughter going off to college next month we need to find her dorm bedding. The LeighDeux line is so cute and chic, what could be better. Now we just have to make a choice from all the great […]

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VentureMom Book – From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks

Pre Order Your Book Today!!! Millions of mothers are eager to ditch their demanding jobs. But they’re not so eager to give up the income. To solve the dilemma, more and more are striking out on their own as entrepreneurs—and finding the satisfaction and success they’ve longed for. And so can you. Venture Mom makes […]

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VentureMom Interview for

Can you tell me about your background and experience in business and how Venture Mom came to be? Why specifically moms? I spent many years in the world of finance but always working for myself. I created managed futures products and managed significant assets throughout the 1990s. When I had kids, I took a step […]

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Cheryl MacCluskey – Younger You Oils and Lotions

In her Bikram yoga class, she noticed women putting drops of oil on the edges of their mats and wondered why. Cheryl MacCluskey learned that the women were using essential oils for the calming effects created by the aromas. She went on a quest to learn more about the oils and their healing effects. “I’ve […]

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VentureMom Value

VentureMom Value Free Shipping on the Soggy Doggy Doormat!!!!  Keep your doggie’s wet paw prints out of the house.  Order now in the Marketplace!!

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VentureMom to the Rescue

VentureMom to the Rescue – Relax! How to Decrease The HAVE TO’s in Your Life

I love this advice from Heather Holtschlag. My life, and probably many of your lives, is filled with “I HAVE TO’s.” You know, “I HAVE TO submit this project before Monday.” Or, “I HAVE TO get dinner made.” And even, “I HAVE TO coordinate the games for the party at my son’s school.” (In this […]

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