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Featured VentureMom Abby Flanagan – AF Photography

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Who knew her old career would come into play for a new venture down the road. Abby Flanagan’s first job started in Sun Valley, Idaho working as a photo shoot coordinator for a commercial sports photographer. From there she took a job in NYC producing te… Read more..

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Social Media “Getting Started Package” – 15% off

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What Would VentureMom Wear

What would VentureMom Wear to a Ball Game

shirt  ~  sunglassesearrings  ~  necklace  ~  bracelet  ~  jeans  ~  clutch  ~  loafers… Read more..
It’s hard to believe we’re finally out of the hockey rink and onto the lacrosse field!  I’m excited to be sitting on the sidelines enjoying the sun and I’m also excited of the thought of bringing my w

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VentureMom to the Rescue

Leaving Work Behind When You Vacation

Learning and socializing on the beachAh, summer. It invokes visions of barbecues and long, lazy days on the beach. Unless you’re an entrepreneur, that is. Then you’re more likely to visualize yourself with your laptop and phone on that beach, being anything but lazy.
Why do we insist on working when we’re supposed to be taking dow… Read more..

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VentureMom @ Home with Pink

Love this bold pink wallpaper paired with the gold leaf tub and gold mirror. Where is the bubble bath?… Read more..

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