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What is VentureMom?

VentureMom is for you to find a venture for yourself, to shop for cool products and services created by VentureMoms and to promote your VentureMom business – all here on the VentureMom site.  Are you a VentureMom or do you want to become a VentureMom,? If so, this site is for you.  And if you like cool products and services, you’re in the right place.

Featured VentureMom


Featured VentureMom – Leslie Josel – Teens and Time Management

She took to organization like a duck to water with her first job in human resources. When Leslie Josel was called in to figure out how employees could be more efficient, she turned to the organization of the internal systems workers were using to complete their tasks. But when her son was diagnosed with Attention […]

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Sales & Coupon Codes


Joy Ride 20% OFF Spinning – Get your VentureMom Value Now

20% off of Spinning Class Packages of 10, 20 or 50 classes!!!! Sign up for classes in Darien or Westport. Use the coupon code JRVM20 at checkout. Get your discount today!!! At checkout use the VentureMom Coupon Code and you’ll get your package of classes with a 20% discount.   Don’t miss out, get your […]

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What Would VentureMom Wear


What Would VentureMom Wear out with the Girls

  Sequin Tank, Cardigan  Denim, Handbag Earrings, Shoes  First posted on Style Your Life.

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VentureMom @ Home

VM@Home- Yellow Accents

VentureMom @ Home with Yellow Accents

In a white bathroom, yellow brightens up the space.

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VentureMom Baby and Child

VM - Travel collage

Spring Travel Must Haves

It’s springtime!  Say goodbye to the frigid weather and say hello to sunny skies, warm weather, birds chirping and spring travel! When spring fever hits it’s the perfect time for a stroll in the park with the kids or for a fun family outing or even vacation. Traveling with kids is not always easy – […]

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VentureMom to the Rescue


VentureMom to the Rescue! – Make Your Website Your Best Employee

By: Julia Sydnor Your website isn’t just there to look pretty. It has a job to do. While you’re busy working, corralling the kids, and trying to regain your sanity, your website should be bringing in prospective clients, answering their questions, and converting them into paying clients. Your website works when you aren’t working. The better […]

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