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Featured VentureMom Seana Turner – The Seana Method

The Seana MethodAfter a career in marketing consulting that involved lots of travel and working from home when her children were small, Seana Turner was looking for a business that would give her some flexibility. “I wasn’t sure what the second phase of my career life would be so I began to ask my friends… Read more..

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Social Media “Getting Started Package” – 15% off

social_mediaeditNeed help getting started with your Social Media strategy? Monica Banks can help.
Special Offer for All VentureMoms: Enjoy 15% off of the “Getting Started Package”… Read more..
• Includes a branded profile in two Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and 1 hour of training via phon

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VentureMom to the Rescue

My Dream Business

Kabbage.com asked me what my dream business would be….here’s what I came up with.
VMLogoSmallImagine a web based business that is a combination of Etsy and Angie’s List and features only mom owned businesses. These mom owned businesses are able to list their products and services and s… Read more..

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VentureMom @ Home with Pink

Love this bold pink wallpaper paired with the gold leaf tub and gold mirror. Where is the bubble bath?… Read more..

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