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The Daily Darien

A lot of moms don’t know how to start their own venture and need a place to go. My message is that you can start your own venture and still have time for your children,” Hurd says, “and I can show you how to do that.”

“A venture should be something you are enthusiastic about, something you love, that you have a passion for. Do what you love and the money will follow.”

“My mission is to provide a place where anyone can look at my site and figure out their life now, what they enjoy doing, and create a business around what they like to do.”

“A lot of women will say ‘finding a business course equals X amount of dollars but figuring out what I want to do is priceless.’”

Mommy Page

“My favorite part of running is meeting women entrepreneurs, hearing their amazing ideas, and sharing their stories with others. I love to motivate women to find what they love and start a business around that passion.”

New Canaan News

“What I love most about what I do, is the opportunity to empower women and show them how a hobby or a passion for something can actually evolve into a successful business.”

New Canaan Darien and Rowayton Magazine

“Where other women love to shop, I am happiest building businesses and helping moms move forward. And I love to motivate others.”

“My social circle is full of successful women who left the workforce to raise kids but got bored after elementary school. I meet moms everywhere and I always ask them, ‘What’s your business? How’d you get started?’ It’s my cocktail party conversation. And I started writing about their stories.”

International Association of Women Entrepreneurs Online (IAWEO)

“My advice is to compartmentalize. You’ll be happier and so will your kids and family. When you schedule time for work, be at work. Keep all distractions to a minimum. So that means, have a babysitter or work while your kids are in school. If you work at home, don’t do the laundry, empty the dishwasher or make the beds. That time should be scheduled as well, so that when you sit down at your desk you’re are focused on only work.”

Holly Hurd

“We believe the single best asset that powerful women have is the ability to communicate effectively for a positive outcome. Even when the message is not good, women know how to frame bad news between a compliment and a thank-you. Further, when powerful women are delivering good news, they can communicate the enormous part the person played in the making the good news happen. Many women garner this skill when raising children. Overall, women can read their audience and use their communication skills to their advantage in all situations.”

“The most successful businesses have owners who love what they do so much that they don’t care if they make a dime and would do it without making anything. Like in real estate investments where the old saying holds, ‘Location, Location, Location,’ for entrepreneurs, it’s ‘Do what you love, the money will follow.’”