We’re so happy you’ve joined our community. We support women entrepreneurs and those who want to become entrepreneurs. You’re in the right place. What do you need?

Have no idea what you want to do?

VentureHour is for you. VentureMom Holly Hurd is a venture detective. She’ll flesh out a business venture from what you love to do or are good at. You’ll get a questionnaire and then an hour with VentureMom Founder, Holly Hurd, on the phone.  At the end of the call, you’ll have a business idea.

Want to see what others have done?

VentureMom Holly Hurd has profiled over 300 VentureMoms who have started a business out of thin air. Most times these women had no start up experience, no start-up capital, and no formal plans to start a business. But they made it happen. You’ll find these stories categorized by area of interest. If you like to cook, see how to make money cooking. If fashion is your thing, check out what women have done around clothing and accessories.

Whatever you love, this is the place to get ideas.

Need a Step-by-Step System to start a business??

Get the book. VentureMom From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks. VentureMom Holly Hurd lays out the steps in a 12 week program to get you to you first paycheck in short order.

Need more in depth guidance?

Join an incubator group. Do you need an idea or have an idea and want in-person guidance?  Join a VentureMom Idea to Income Incubator. You’ll get 8 sessions in a group setting. At the end of the incubator you’ll walk away with an idea, branding, a web site, social media, and a marketing plan – wow.