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12 Apr: Susan Morrow – SwickPix – Photo Organizing

Get a complete assessment of your photo library’s status. Learn how to organize and preserve your family’s memories. Susan Morrow…

15 Mar: Zoe’s Doggie Delights

This is a gourmet corner barkery…online! The idea behind this venture is to bake wholesome and delicious treats for our…

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10 Dec: Geralyn Breig – AnytownUSA

How did she go from marketing soup, shoes and bread to marketing goods made in the USA. Geralyn Breig was…

05 Dec: Featured VentureMom – Teress Stephens – 3F NYC

I’m so excited to be offering a few of the 3F NYC pieces in the VentureMom Marketplace, especially the empowerment…

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The recipient of this gift will be delighted to know that dinner is already planned for the night. Includes one…


Contains effective ingredients that may help in the visible reduction of lines and wrinkles. Contains Alpha Hydroxy, Vitamin C and…


These soft leather bags are perfect for whatever you’re carrying. They come in multiple colors and are emblazoned with unique…


Adjustable Baroque Pearl Statement Necklace Beautifully elegant necklace that would be great with a dressy top and jeans. Shop Now

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Remy S.

I found The Edwin for my high-schooler in the VentureMom Marketplace. If I wasn’t a subscriber and shopper on VentureMom, I would never have known about this “college counselor in a folder” product that helped me get my child organized for the college application process. So many great things and services in the shop.

Jennifer G

While looking through the VentureMom Marketplace, I found this cool cross buckle and belt strap. It’s one of my favorite things to wear and all thanks to VentureMom. I love shopping to see what cool things are showcased in the marketplace.

Abigail S.

I booked a wardrobe stylist for my mom for her birthday in the VentureMom Marketplace. I loved that VentureMom knew this person and had vetted them. It was so easy to book her right on line in the shop. My mom loved it!


I read about Smart Playrooms in the VentureMom blog and then I reached out to them. They created the most amazing playroom in our basement. Thank you to VentureMom for introducing me to them.

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