How does this work?

Your listings, your profits. Once your store front is set up, we promote your products and services to our large and growing audience of women, moms and families.   This is done in our blogs posts, social media posts and weekly ELetter.  We have gotten several VentureMoms their first customers through these channels.

What benefits do I get by joining the VentureMom Marketplace?

  • Exposure to the VentureMom audience of affluent women
  • Your product showcased in your own storefront
  • Your service business listed in the VentureMom Pink Book directory
  • Platform benefits like trunk shows, flash sales and coupon codes
  • Participation in VentureMom raffles and contests
  • Invitations to women’s conferences and their goodie bags
  • Marketing and Promotion through VentureMom blog posts
  • Your product or service may be pinned, posted on Facebook, and Tweeted about

Who can sell on VentureMom?

We support businesses created by women. So if you have created a business either around a product or service and you are a woman you can apply to be in the Marketplace. We want to make sure your business is a good fit for the VentureMom audience. Becoming a VentureMom has become a coveted honor and we hope you’ll be able to join the ranks of successful VentureMoms all across the country. (If you sell a product that is a part of a multi-level market, we applaud you, but can’t put you in the Marketplace. If you are a real estate broker, kudos, but not a good fit unless you created the firm.)

How will VentureMom feature my products?

The VentureMom Platform has so many ways to feature your brand, your products and your services.  One way is that each week, products will be chosen from the marketplace, featured in our columns and sent to VentureMom followers through our e-letter and in blog posts.  Items will appear in the VentureMom columns What Would VentureMom Wear, VentureMom@Home, and VentureMom Baby and Child.  It will be easy for followers to see the item in the blog collage, click on it and buy your product in the VentureMom Marketplace.

What if I have a service and not a product?

We want you to be a VentureMom Brand too. You’ll be listed in the VentureMom Pink Book directory and if appropriate, you’ll get a shop page in the Marketpalce. Examples of items for sale by a service vendor would be “Two hours of personal shopping,” “One photo book completed,” “A package of five dog walks,” “One logo designed.” We set up your service packages in the Marketplace for you and guide you with your packages.

How do I get paid?

You will be notified when we sell a product or a service package that you offer. We send payment or contact information and you deliver the goods. VentureMom takes a commission on all sales generated in the marketplace. The standard fee for services is 20% and for products is 35- 50%. We can negotiate as we grow, our goal is to help you grow.

What about pricing?

As per the Vendor Agreement, you must use the same prices that you offer everywhere else or in your own on-line store. This is a requirement to be a VentureMom Brand. We do offer featured deals and discounts at times to incentivize our shoppers. Email us with any questions or to discuss.

How much does this exposure and all of this marketing cost?

You pay a one-time fee of $99 for us to set up your store front complete with a shopping cart. A lot less hassle and expense than setting one up yourself. To maintain your presence in the Marketplace and in the Pink Book, it costs only $19.97 a month. For this small amount you get all the exposure that we offer our brands and are able to participate in all of the exciting things that the platform offers to support you. You’ll also be a part of the co-opped marketing spend.

Can I have my own online shop and be in the VentureMom Marketplace too?

Absolutely. Consider this an added bonus to your shop and an additional distribution channel. More promotion and exposure for you leads to more sales and profits.

Coupon Codes?

VentureMom would love help you develop a coupon code that offers our followers some kind of discount or bonus if they make a purchase on your website. That will allow you to track our transactions and send us our commissions monthly. We have no way of knowing what sells on your site, but we trust that you will give us credit. We hope the discount will drive our followers to your site and our goal is to help you grow.

Who sets up my shop page?

VentureMom has a team of people to set up your branded page. We’ll need your assets, a logo, a headshot or company photograph, and product photos, descriptions and pricing. Many times we can pull right from your existing web site. You’ll work with one of our ambassadors to get us everything we need.

What if something sells out or I change my inventory?

We ask that you check your shop page at least once a month. Is something changes, let your ambassador know and we’ll update your page. If we sell something that is no longer available, it’s unfortunate, but not the end of the world. We simple refund the customer’s money and offer them a coupon code to the shop to use for something else.

What about the shipping?

Our shop software calculates shipping and taxes and you’ll receive all of this when we send your payment.

What else can I do to help VentureMom help me and help my venture grow?

Tell everyone about VentureMom. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and tell your followers and everyone on your email lists. Have them sign up for our free weekly eletter so they can hear about great products and deals.  If you offer a special or bonus or discount, or introduce a new product, send us the info and we may feature your news to our audience, driving more shoppers your way.

Venture on VentureMom!!!!!