Start a Blog to Relieve Crisis Stress

It may seem like an odd time to start a blog with the world shut down, but I think it’s the actually the perfect time and here’s why.

A blog can relieve stress. Putting your thoughts “on paper” is a form of journaling that allows you to express yourself. Creativity gives you focus and an outlet for a side of yourself that you may not be cared for during this crisis. Think of your blog as your selfcare.

You’ve got time now. Of course, you may have more responsibilities with family home, but finding time to write your posts may be easier now. Repurpose your time to make it work. And once you start blogging, it’s hard to stop. It becomes something you look forward to and even crave. You’ll make the time.

Your blog will keep you connected to your crew. By sharing what you care about with those who care about you, you’ll be connecting, which is something we need right now.

You’ll make new friends who care about the same things that you do. That’s the really fun part of having a blog – all the new people you’ll meet. Now more than ever, we are craving connectedness.

What to Blog About

What’s important to you? Do you love to cook and want to share recipes that you’re using now to feed your family? Are you a gardener and want to share your garden plans and growth? Have you taken trips in the past that you’d like to write about? Have you come up with parenting or grandparenting tricks and tips that would be helpful to others? The topics are endless.
Know that there is an audience for everything from cat toys to car care, from house plants to stone walls, from pillows to paint colors, from Pilates to power workouts, and everything in between. Use these exercises to guide you to your blog topic.

If you were offered a TV show, what would you talk about?
What do others always complement you on?
If you had a whole day free, what would you do?
What are you doing when you feel most fulfilled and energized?
What do your friends ask you for help with?
What do you love? Food, Animals, Homes, Fitness, Clothes, Beauty

Where do you love to be? In the kitchen, at the dog park, in a fabric, furniture, antique or accessory store, in a department store or clothing boutique, in a gym?

Do you have opinions you want to share? Write about what you care about.

Do you want to share your favorite movies, islands, stores, parks, coffee beans? Reviewing and writing about a certain category of things makes a great blog topic.

Answering these questions should guide you to what you love and to your topic. Maybe you love lots of things and want to start a lifestyle blog. That’s great too. One day you talk about food, the next you talk about clothes and the next it’s about family.

The main thing is to just start. Being by writing 2 – 3 potential blog posts that are 200 – 500 words long. Then start posting! The more you post, the better you’ll become. Happy Blogging!!!

If you need help developing your topic, your blog, your set up, reach out to Holly at Or link here. 

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