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I was so excited to finally meet Indie and her partner Rebecca at an event this week. On this Throwback Thursday, here’s her story from years ago. She is rocking the world even more now. 

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Arthritis side-lined her from her passion of gardening, but figuring out what to do with all of her lavender and calendula plants lead Indie Lee to a big venture. It was 2008 and her sister was pregnant. Indie decided to create some baby beauty products using the plants from her garden to give as a gift to her sister at a baby shower.

Being a self-professed type-A, she even developed a name and a logo for her new baby brand to unveil at the party. Turning the bathroom in her basement into her science lab, Indie was obsessed. She was very attuned to the organic movement and Indie read everything she could on baby and adult washes, lotions, soaps and creams. Indie says, “I had a vested interest as well. When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I was led to believe it was environmentally derived. I wanted my new niece or nephew to have access to totally green products.”

After her successful surgery removing the tumor, Indie got rave reviews from the mothers attending the baby shower when her sister opened the new Indie Lee Baby Products. Indie then went back to work to develop a line for adults and to find a bigger platform for her message. “Skin is your biggest organ so it’s important to know what you’re putting on your body. At that moment, I knew I had to develop my own products.”

Indie believed that an upscale line of organic products for moms and babies would sell and began offering her products on line in 2009. Starting a blog along with her site, she needed to share what she had learned about the beauty industry; Indie was diligent with her research. “I was all in, reading every book on the subject and spending hours in my basement lab with extracts and lotions, perfecting my products.” She created the Botanical Collection in 2010 and began initially selling at local boutiques and outdoor markets. The brand was gathering recognition.

Self funding the expansion of her production to a commercial space, Indie also found a business partner – another mom. “I know nothing about sales and I wanted to focus on creating products.” Another marketing ploy that helps with sales, has been the implementation of Indie Lee Brand Ambassadors at colleges. “College women love the products and want more.”

Through her blog, Indie became an advocate for organic beauty and is asked to speak about her mission. “I’m creating awareness. I figured out my passion and I know I can create change.” Now Indie Lee beauty products can be found around the world.

“My husband can’t believe that I created a line of beauty products from our basement.” Indie remembers when the doctors told her to get her affairs in order. “No way!!! I’m going to focus on what I can do.” Focusing on building her empire keeps Indie moving forward, “I’m working to change the way people look at beauty one ingredient at a time.”

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Use your basement to start your business.

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