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When she discovered Energy Medicine, Deborah Stuart knew instantly that she had found her calling. She had been in fashion right out of school and moved to Hong Kong with her family where she had her own retail store. But with a move back to the states, Deborah took a year off to think about what she really wanted to do.

“When I met Dr. Mcvea and spent time learning about his work with meditation systems using noble gas technology, I had a knowing of sorts.” Deborah learned all she could and began to work for Dr. Mcvea. “His meditation systems help one get connected to their higher self.” The meditation industry and the popularity of Eastern medicine and practices has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last several years.



Deborah then had a dream was to be able to energize jewelry. When she learned of the work of Dr. Karim, a famous Egyptologist and his work in Bio Geometry, she knew her dream would become a reality. “Effectively the jewelry provides a beautifully protective and uplifting energy around the person wearing it.” She worked with an engineer to develop a system to energize jewelry. Her first piece was the Mega Chi Pendant, a design created by Frank Lloyd Wright. Deborah energized it with harmonic gold energy seen around saints. “It’s like wearing a prayer.” She says the main message is, “Ask and you will receive.”


She named her new line HighChi. Deborah’s energized jewelry has become the platinum standard in the industry. “Part of the process is believing in what you are wearing and internalizing the goals you have for yourself in life.”




Deborah’s son’s girlfriend was a jewelry designer who helped her create a complete line including chains, earrings, and a group of 10 charms that represent different goals . You can choose a group of charms that work on what you are seeking to improve, achieve or heal. She first sold to friends and family and then began attending wellness trade shows. She also hired a friend, Shannon, to help with marketing. Shannon says she has no background in social media or technology and is self taught. Her home schooling has been amazing as her marketing is top notch. High Chi now has four employees to take the line to the masses.


Deborah says, “We use Cymatics to create energies of various frequencies along with ancient Egyptian geometric prayers. Wearing the jewelry keeps you connected to the source.” She believes the energies in the jewelry help the wearer create the things in their life that they want. Her next project will be seminars helping followers to channel their own energies into their life goals.


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