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It was 1989 on Wall Street and job sharing didn’t exist. So what did Suzanne Einstein do. “I left after having children. Working as a bond sales person was really fun, but we moved out of the city and I didn’t want to commute.”

Suzanne focused on her children who are now 24, 27, and 29. Her college degree had been in design, so when her children got older, she explored additional classes in that field. “Parsons offered fantastic interior design programs and it was so exhilarating to get back to my creative side.” But her next venture wouldn’t be in home decor, but rather in jewelry design. She was given the opportunity to work in sales for the Vanderbilt Gallery, a jewelry collection in Nantucket. Suzanne jumped at the chance. “I loved the idea of bringing this collection to the tri state area. And I could work from home and make my own schedule.”

By working for this company, Suzanne was able to learn firsthand how to manage a jewelry business. Soon she began to think about starting her own venture. “I loved the line, but I wanted to showcase my own style. I felt I could take the skills that I had learned and transfer them to my own business.”

The first pieces she offered were huggie earrings. “I began by having local trunk shows. My first sale was a to a friend at a New York City trunk show.” Suzanne chose to use her own name for her fledgling business, and the Suzanne Einstein Collection was born. As she saw the success of her first items grow, she began to collaborate with other designers to build out her line. “I now curate items from designers around the world.”

Suzanne was able to start small while her kids were younger, but as they grew she had more time to add to her collection. “I organized more trunk shows, boutique tables and gift fairs as my children became more independent and eventually left for school. And now that they are on their own, I can really ramp up my business even more.”


For special events, the Suzanne Einstein Collection can sometimes be found in local stores. Suzanne has added handbags too. Her style is always evolving but she describes it as classic and current, high quality but affordable. “I work to bring new things out each season and rotate which designers I curate from.”

Some of her favorite pieces are the oxidized items with a blackish tinge. Suzanne loves to help her clients and friends style an outfit for an event or special occasion. “This is so much fun that I don’t even think of it as work.

Holly and Suzanne

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