Molly Weinstock – Friendship Bracelets

This week we’re featuring a venturekid with a vacation venture idea we love.  More vacation venture ideas next week.

For the past three summers, 12 year old Molly has had a vacation venture which nets her some spending money for souvenirs.  For her birthday she received a book on how to make friendship bracelets and this proved to be the stepping stone. Trips to ‘Sconset, Nantucket with her family gave her an idea. Molly taught herself how to make the bracelets and decided to test the market by setting up a table(cooler) at the town square.  Alongside other local vendors, Molly displays her colorful creations and is at her post every other day for 2 – 3 hours.  Selling close to 20 bracelets a day at $2 each gives Molly a nice summer income.  She is “in production” during her 2 week vacation, making the bracelets while on the beach or hanging out at home.  The bracelets can have from 2 – 12 colors and come in various widths.  Each bracelet can take from 10 minutes to 2 hours to make depending on the intricacy of the pattern.  Molly finds that kids and parents love the idea of a hand-made bracelet signifying friendship and reminding them of their summer island trip.

There are other venture kids at the market who support each others’ enterprises.  Molly is sure to buy a brownie or a cup of lemonade from her fellow vendors who have created a small consortium of entrepreneurs.  She feels some venture inspiration came from her mom, Kathleen, who had her own ribbon belt business for several years.  Charity is first on her list for proceeds as well.  While back at home in Connecticut, Molly taught her middle school classmates how to make the bracelets and then sold them giving all the proceeds to the Grace Wohlberg RE Children’s Project to help a fellow classmate with a rare childhood disease.  She also gave part of her earnings to the American Cancer Society and other groups.

When asked how she feels about her venture, Molly says, “I feel good because I have my own money to spend and I can help others who really need it”.  Not ready to add other items to her line of bracelets yet, she is happy with the success of her vacation venture. “I think my parents are proud of me.”

VentureMom Tip

A vacation venture can be something small and done in a short period of time.

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